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These diplomatic, tactful letters are designed to save the customer relationship in addition to securing payment.  At anytime a payment arrives, you also have the option to issue a Thank You letter. Depending on the circumstances, a Thank You letter may also help save your customer relationship, if you choose to keep it. Thatís a nice option to have considering the high cost of acquiring new customers today.


This chart makes it painfully obvious why you must start the debt collection process early. The Recovery % on the left represents the historic percentage of accounts that are collected at a given age. The data comes from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce Statistics. The longer you wait the more money it takes to chase after fewer and fewer collectable dollars. A structured system that starts early will help your cashflow.


Note: This chart is based on 6 month aging, over 180 days. Maxcollect charges only 5% for cases which were entered before their 60 day mark.


For further details  call 1-800-926-1895.  You will have a great feeling of relief and accomplishment when you enter a delinquent account and with the click of a mouse start positive action. The very same night the first letter will be on its way.

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